Water Mitigation

DRP Commercial understands that when a water situation occurs, response time is critical. Having a 24/7 team ready to respond is critical to property owners and managers. Whether it is a full blown flooding event, burst pipes or simply a roof leak, water loss can be costly and significant. The sooner we’re on site, the sooner we can extract the water and stop the flow. We pride ourselves on having the right technicians and equipment to get onsite and solve the issue. Our technicians can also evaluate the damage after the initial removal service is performed. Providing the property manager or owner with an idea of what is needed to restore the facility to it’s previous state.

The Culprit:

Water can be quite a nuisance when it becomes a damaging force. Pipe burst in the frigid winter months; flooding during the spring rainy season and worn roofing material are the most common issues. Water affected areas breed mold and damage drywall, flooring and ceiling materials. It’s important to fully evaluate the loss so environmental issues such as mold development don’t occur down the road. That’s where DRP Commercial excels: doing the project completely and giving the property owner or manager the assurance that the problem is resolved.

Our Process:

We handle all types of water loss whether it’s a clean water, grey water (appliance or sump failure) or in the extreme cases of black water (sewage, flood water). We get onsite as quickly as possible and remove any water present. We then dry the spaces affected and begin the analysis of damages. While area is dehumidifying, we will evaluate any environmental risks such as mold or toxic materials being present. Tangent losses such as documents, electronic equipment and personal items will be dried and salvaged as much as possible. We will also calculate any structural repairs that may be necessary. After our pumps and drying equipment have done their jobs, we will remove all dirt, debris and environmental issues present. We will assist in contents salvation and restoration. After all is complete, moisture testing will take place to assure the space will not have further environmental issues. All in all, the job is done from beginning to end with the focus on the customer’s needs.

Mold Remediation

DRP Commercial specializes in mold detection and remediation. Mold spores can grow at an incredible rate of speed in areas affected by both moisture and humidity. This can be the result of a pipe burst, inadequate ventilation system or flooded spaces. Often mold exists for an extended period of time before it is recognized. This can create significant health related issues.
DRP Commercial has a lengthy experience resume in regard to mold detection and removal. We use the latest in innovative technology as well as tried and tested equipment such as moisture meters, HEPA and negative air scrubbers as well as dryers.
We go right to the source and leave no area untreated, being sensitive to commercial workspaces and tenant occupancy. Giving you peace of mind the problem has been resolved. Any surface type can be treated and air tested to be sure the environment is safe and clean.

The Culprit:
There are many types of mold, the most feared being black mold. Because it they are a fungi, other various mold types that also cause significant health issues can develop rapidly in the most conducive environments. These variations may not be as visible as black mold but pose an issue nevertheless. These mold types can cause nasal passage clogging, breathing difficulty, coughing, and throat irritation with even more severe response for those with respiratory ailments such as asthma.
Our Process:

We will test the affected areas and then establish a containment system to avoid spores becoming airborne. We will then remove all materials seen and unseen to completely alleviate the issue. We will also incorporate the proper equipment and the correct number of units to perform the task. After removal, adjacent surfaces will be cleaned and replaced if necessary. We will then incorporate an independent testing firm to certify the project has been performed sufficiently, leaving our clients with a mold free environment.

Restoration Services

Restoring a property to its original or superior condition after a fire, flood or major weather event is DRP Commercial’s area of expertise. The stress of dealing with these catastrophic events can be eased by knowing we have the solution at hand. We get to work immediately as we know with commercial properties, time is of the essence. Tenants want to get back into the facility as quickly as possible and our job is to make that happen. We refuse to over commit resulting in failed expectations. We can provide emergency service work and begin the restoration of the space shortly thereafter. We keep our customer base manageable.

The Culprit:
Restoration projects usually follow significant events such as fires, tornadoes, floods, hail and windstorms as well as pipe freezing. The minute a call comes in it is imperative we respond quickly to the commercial property manager or owner’s request. Restoration is a 24/7 business and we understand there is never a good time for one of these events to occur. We know these events well and are poised to quickly mitigate the damage they can cause.
Our Process:

The first step is to secure the property and correct the cause of the issues immediately. We then quickly evaluate the work to be done. Whether it’s roofing, walls, ceilings, parking areas or basements, we know how to take action. The next step is moving in our equipment and labor force and start the project on the client’s “Go”. We then feverishly work to expedite the restoration while maintaining a high level of excellence combined with safety. We do our best to burden tenants as little as possible, especially if the space is to remain active while we are working. Upon completion, we will fully review, test and document the effectiveness of our efforts on the client’s behalf. All within the scheduled time allotment.

  • “We could not be more pleased with DRP. We had another bid that was astronomical. DRP came out and gave us an honest review of what we needed, and provided pictures to help explain. We would 100% refer DRP to family and friends. The crew was efficient and professional.”

    Joy Hayward
  • “DRP was such a pleasure to work with! We got 3 quotes and they were the best bang for our buck PLUS could get us on their schedule the quickest! They were so knowledgeable and answered all of our questions! Would 100% recommend DRP!”

    Courtney Swarringin
  • “Customer service is awesome. DRP cares about the relationship and not just the one and done. More companies should be like this.”

    Allen Sell
  • Seal the Deal

    “DRP commercial was quick to respond to our water and sewage issue in our facility. They did a complete and efficient job on what we perceived as an unhealthy situation. They were extremely cost effective and very communicative. They will continue to be our restoration contractor.”

    Tom W. – President

Environmental Services

Whether its mold, lead or asbestos all environmental issues require immediate attention. Many times the problems are not readily visible and facilities need to be tested for their presence. DRP Commercial can assist in all aspects of detecting and removing these extremely harmful materials. It is also important to determine the complete removal of materials both after a major building event or construction project. This require testing post project which is often bypassed. DRP commercial is available for any variation of these occurrences.

The Culprit:

Asbestos and mold are the most common contaminates present in commercial environments. This isn’t always simply a matter of a buildings age, it relates to how the facility was constructed. Asbestos can cause severe lung damage such as Mesothelioma and cancerous growths. Mold can also cause severe breathing issues and an overall unhealthy environment. Add in lead and you have a recipe for significant problems down the line in a commercial facility. Leaving them unresolved will not solve the problem. They simply do not go away on their own.

Our Process:

DRP Commercial can recommend an independent testing agency to determine the level of need in suspected environmental situations. These contractors are not obligated to recommend any contractor specifically, including DRP Commercial. We also have the ability to test for certain contaminants ourselves to save precious time. When we are referred, we analyze the test results and design a removal plan that is as unobtrusive as possible. We will incorporate the proper equipment, containment protocol and trained manpower to perform the work efficiently and safely. We will then test post project to assure the client the work was done effectively.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

DRP Commercial performs in house commercial duct cleaning. Often, restoration companies claim to do duct cleaning and secure a subcontractor to do the work. Our trained technicians remove all materials that can collect in a commercial duct system. We will also evaluate the health of your HVAC equipment and any potential environmental issues that may exist.

The Culprit:
There are multiple hazardous materials that can collect in duct work. Dust, dust mites, odor causing debris, pollen and just old fashion dirt are common residents in duct work. At times, even mold can be present. DRP Commercial removes all of these nuisances as well as investigating the source of the issue. These materials can cause significant health issues along with continued discomfort. By removing the problem, tenants and staff can breathe easier with the confidence the air in their space is as high a quality as possible.
Our Process:

DRP Commercial’s duct cleaning service has processes in place to assure the duct work is completely clean and free of hazardous materials. Air testing is done by a neutral testing firm to determine if this result has been achieved. We strive to cause as minimal a disruption to the commercial environment as possible. Our crews are fast, efficient and professional. We communicate through the entire project to alleviate any concerns the client may have.

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